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😍This will make your neighbors and your friends full of praise for your home! ~

I am so excited about this Mickey Mouse Fall Harvest Wreath. I have wanted to replicate the Mickey Mouse wreath that hangs in the Magic Kingdom in the fall for quite a while now and I think this is pretty close!This is a MUST HAVE for any true Disney fan.


    • In the center, is the iconic Light-Up Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and smaller pumpkins. 
    • It will provide exquisite gifts for any occasion or special person.
    • *If hanging outdoors, it is recommended to take a covered area to protect the wreath from bad weather and other factors.
    • The perfect gift: This beautiful wreath is perfect for friends or family!!

    Focus: Handmade

    Material: outdoor realistic plastic, artificial flowers and grass.

    Size: Hanging on the window: about 20 inches, and hanging on the door: about 22 inches.

    Applicable throughout the year.

    Covers indoor/outdoor versatility

    It can be placed anywhere in front of doors, fireplaces, gardens, etc.

    Please remember my wreaths and centerpiece sell very fast! I don't always have enough supplies to remake them so don't delay in getting yours NOW!

    I know you will look at this everyday and smile:)