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Round Hoop Bed Canopy Mosquito Net


Color: BLUE

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Large Size Round Hoop Bed Canopy Net 


Package Size: 60*250*1000 cm. Easy Carry


Why Choose Bed Canopy Mosquito Net from us?

Why choose Bed Canopy Mosquito Net from us?

· Best quality: premium & strong fabric

· Largest Net on the market can fit all size bed.

· Hardware hook included

· Happy customers, check our 5-star reviews

· We have most of choice design bed canopy for your room decor

· Our hoop canopy is one opening  that is not only for decoration, also functional mosquito net.

·  we are obviously using it for the 'princess feel' where we can prevent insects while sleeping, it is definitely work.



Get a good night’s sleep

It's such a simple thing that brings so much relief. Save yourself from nasty mosquito bites, sleep well!

You deserve the best quality and design for your room decoration

Amazing makeover for your bed room, back yard or party events in romantic touch.




Large Hoop Bed Canopy can fit all size bed.  the size chat is below by inch:
Diameter (inch) 23
Height (inch) 98
Circumference (inch) 433
  • Romantic accent for bedroom, or back yard. also peaceful night's sleep mosquito free.
  • Style: Largest round hoop bed canopy can fit crib, twin, full, queen, King, calking bed. we are obviously using it for the 'princess feel' where we can prevent insects while sleeping, it is definitely work.
  • Size: 23" Diameter x 98" x 433"inch(diameter top x height x bottom circumference). It's large and long enough so that when hung from a regular ceiling, there's plenty to drape and fall around the bed.
  • Material: Sheer 100% polyester mesh net.
  • Suspends from ceiling on hoop. 

How to Set it up?
  1. Use the screw that comes with the item, and insert it into ceiling
  2. Hook the top of the canopy through the screw
  3. Hang in the middle of the ceiling from your Bed.
  4. Enclose the canopy around your bed, and close the opening for maximum security against pesky mosquitoes.
How to Care for the Product:
  • Machine Wash Cold. Hand wash and line dry is recommended.
  • Keep away from sharp objects
  • Ironing is not recommended